The bulk of what Bellevue Christian Reformed church believes we hold in common with the Christian church around the world and throughout the ages.

We’re Reformed, which means…

  • We have roots all the way back to the ancient church, but cherish the renewal that came by way of the Reformation in the 1500’s (through people like Martin Luther and John Calvin) who brought the church back to our original roots, insisting that we are saved by faith alone, through grace alone, based on Scripture alone.
  • We put a big emphasis upon preaching God’s word.
  • We believe the Bible teaches that our children are heirs to God’s covenant promises, and therefore baptize them soon after they are born.
  • We believe that outside of Jesus, there is no other road to salvation.
  • We believe that the whole Bible points to Jesus – both Old and New Testaments
  • We believe that we are born so deeply infected by sin that we ourselves cannot reach out to God unless he first reaches out to us, prompting us to reach for him.
  • We believe that our salvation is absolutely secure because our choosing to believe in Christ would never have happened had he not first chosen us.
  • We also believe that our world now belongs to God, since he raised Christ from the dead and exalted him to his right hand. From that position of power, he is now bringing all things under his control.

We subscribe to the three ancient creeds which all true churches embrace:

Our beliefs as Reformed Christians are summarized in three of our confessions written at the time of the Reformation:

We also have a contemporary testimony entitled “Our World Belongs To God.”

Much more information about our beliefs, our ministries, and our denomination is available at the Christian Reformed Church of North America website. You can find it at