Who Attends Little Lambs?
Children two to three years old are dismissed from the Sunday worship service after a time of praise with the congregation and come together to worship and play together. In Little Lambs we enjoy singing, listening to Bible stories and praying together. We also have an interactive play time. These activities help guide these small children as they begin their faith journey.

Two-year-old children who are in the nursery from the beginning of the service may attend Little Lambs at the appropriate time. Please tell a nursery attendant if you desire for your child to attend. An adult Little Lamb helper will lead your child from the nursery to class.

What Happens in Little Lambs?

  • PRAYER – We ask for the children’s requests and then lead them in prayer, including their requests on their behalf.
  • SINGING – The following is a list of some of the usual songs that are sung:  Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, If You’re Happy, Twinkle, Twinkle, The ABC Song
  • BIBLE STORY – Simple Bible stories that teach the children about God and his amazing love are shared. A paper reviewing the story for the day is sent home at the end of Little Lambs.
  • PLAY – When possible we try to reinforce the Bible story through play. Play stations, such as drawing/coloring, puzzles, cars, play food items, dolls, Legos, blocks, and a train set, are placed around the room. Children are free to play with whatever they want during the interactive play time.

A few important things to know:
We transition four-year-old children to Children’s Worship in either June or September of every year. If your child turns four during the ‘school year’ (between September and the following August), we ask that you wait until one of the two transition times to move your child to Children’s Worship. Transition dates are usually Graduation and Sunday School Kick Off Sundays.

Safety and security are very important for the children in Little Lambs! Parents must pick up their own children. Please do not send older siblings to pick up your child. When you come to collect your children, please wait outside of the door to insure other children stay in the class while your child exits. Thank you.