It’s a blessing each week to join together to worship the Lord, and we pray that each service is a pleasing offering to God. Sunday morning worship starts with a team leading songs, prayers, and readings. Our pastor then preaches from God’s word. Our services include a mixture of traditional and contemporary elements, including songs that are centuries old as well as ones that were composed recently. Many people participate in leading worship, so our instrumentation changes week to week. Piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, cajon, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello are all in the current rotation. We’re dedicated to having all generations worship together, so enjoy having all ages with us. See below for information about what we offer for our littlest ones.

What time does Sunday School start?
Sunday School for children and the Adult Sunday Classes start at 9:00AM (no school or classes during the summer).

What time is the service?
Sunday Worship Service is at 10:00 AM.

How long is the service?
The service usually lasts 75-90 minutes.

What is available for children?

What do people wear?
You will find a wide variety, from jeans and a polo shirt to dresses and dress shirts. Some wear suits, some wear sandals. People wear clothes they feel comfortable in. You are welcome to come as you are.

Unable to attend?
If you miss a Sunday you can always listen and/or watch past sermons online. If you would like to watch the entire worship service, we have DVD’s available of each service available in our library.